Skeletor X is the name given to the cloned Skeletor created by the scientist Allen Powers during Project X. Skeletor X served as the main antagonist of season 1. Allen began to take notice of Skeletor and instructed his group of X bots to collect DNA samples belonging to him. Once sufficient samples were collected Allen got to work on his new clone. The process was completed in a reasonable amount of time by Allen and his robots. Once Skeletor X was born he turned on his master and burned the lab to the ground. Skeletor X later encountered Skeletor himself and the two started a rivalry that continued until the end of the season where Skeletor X was slain by Skeletor in a fit of rage.


Skeletor X inherits his powers from Skeletor. This includes superhuman strength, power beams, increased durability and flight. His power beams are orange in colour and are just as devastating, if not more devastating than Skeletor's. Skeletor X was born a lethal killing machine.

Personality Edit

Savage and brutal, Skeletor X has no trust for anyone. He was violent from the moment he was born. Skeletor X always seems to be in a state of rage, directed towards every living thing. He seems to have a slight obsession with the person he was born from, Skeletor. His approach is very different from Skeletor who is more calculated and calm. Skeletor X was born with only the worst side of Skeletor, lacking any sort of conscience.

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