Ancestor skeletor is a minor character in season 1 and the main antagonist of season 2. Little is known of this skeletor's past. Nobody knows his real name. He appears to have been around for a very long time. He was a regular inhabitant of the skeletor planet but at some point he turned into a skeletor. Ancestor skeletor spent years mastering his powers and unlocking his full potential. He learned of John's transformation into Skeletor and this led to him visiting earth occasionally to tell him more about the skeletors or antagonise him. He became obsessed with Skeletor because of him being the only other pure skeletor in existence. Throughout season 2 he sends various villains after Skeletor in order to prove his worth. He is responsible for the creation of Giga skelegiant and hiring Portaltron to kill Skeletor. After Skeletor survives, Ancestor skeletor challenges him to a fight to the death on his home planet, the skeletor home world. After a brutal fight, Ancestor skeletor collapses but before he dies, he unleashes all of the power stored inside his body, causing a huge explosion.


Ancestor skeletor was one of the toughest, if not the toughest enemy Skeletor has ever fought. His powers are quite similar to Skeletor's but he has years and years of training under his belt. His power beam colour is red. There were few superhumans in existence who had the capability to stand up to Ancestor skeletor. Ancestor Skeletor displayed a unique ability when he stored and unleashed all of the power inside of his body, causing a massive explosion of energy and sending an injured Skeletor flying at very high speed. This powerful move ultimately killed Ancestor skeletor, who was already fatally wounded.


Ancestor skeletor was extremely evil, toying with his victims rather than outright killing them. He also had a twisted sense of honour, sending various beings after Skeletor in an attempt to evaluate his worth. It is only after these trials that he decides to fight Skeletor directly. Ancestor skeletor displayed some jealousy as he targeted Skeletor simply for being the only other pure skeletor in existence. Ancestor skeletor felt superior to everyone he encountered and it was ultimately his underestimation of Skeletor that led to his downfall.

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